Metro Bus

Have you ever heard of  a metro bus although, you have certaily heard of or gone by school buses and public buses. But the question is given that what does it mean to be a metro bus? Therfore, you should  be aware of the safe metro bus as well as its regulations. Especially, keep yourself safe on public transportation.

A metro bus focuses on metropolitan areas, which is to say highly populated areas. Generally speaking, metro buses will not take cross-state trips or very long exploratory drives like tour buses. Metro buses are often closely linked with metro rail lines which offer quick public transportation in between set locations.

The first thing you’ll notice about most metro buses is that they do not possess seat belts, much like most public and school buses. That being the case, your safety is predominantly in your own hands. So follow good practice and be aware of the follow tips and regulations.

Safety Tips and Regulations

Do not physically enter the street or bus lane when waiting for the bus. Remain safely on the sidewalk, preferably a step or two back from the curb.
Be sure to enter the bus through the front doors, or other obvious entrance locations.
Be aware of the yellow line at the front of the bus, as you are not allowed to stand in front of that. The bus driver needs to have a certain amount of operable space.
Do not engage in any distraction behavior or conversation with the driver that might cause a lack of focus on their part.
Be certain to remain seated while the bus is in motion or keep a firm grip on the handrails.
Remain secure in your seat or handrail position until the bus comes to a complete stop. Often there will be a slight momentum shift just as the bus stops and the weight of the vehicle settles.
In case of highly disruptive or dangerous behavior by a passenger, the driver usually has the ability to sound a silent alarm and alert the authorities. Be sure the driver is aware of the disturbance.
Be careful not to purchase a metro ride card (if needed) from panhandlers or street vendors. Often they are expired or falsified.

Although bus travel is generally safe, more than 1,000 collisions occurred last year with metro buses. Be aware that it can happen and that you can optimize your chances of safety.

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