Driver jobs in Dubai

Types of Driver jobs in Dubai

To get into the right type of job is not always easy. Most of the people are not aware of their potential, and most of the time, end up in wrong kind of job. Some of them know what they want to do, and plan their studies accordingly, long before they leave high school, while some of them remain unsure about their career even after passing the college. Some people love working with others and love to drive, and this way get into the driver jobs in Dubai. Driving style of different professionals vary, depending upon the vehicle they are driving, and the place where they drive. A driver is responsible for safely transporting travelers to their destination.

Truck driving jobs

To be a truck driver, you need to have a well built physique and good stamina as the job demands hard physical labour. In Dubai, mining is a prominent industry and requires dedicated drivers on regular basis, and this is the reason why truck driving positions are always open. Earlier the positions for truck drivers were dominated by male drivers only, but there are some companies that demand women to fill dump truck driving positions. Being one of the most popular positions in Dubai, the applicants are required to meet certain requirements. The best part of truck driver jobs in Dubai is that there is no age limit. Even if the worker is close to retirement age, he can serve if he meets the requirements of the mining companies.

Taxi driver jobs

Taxi driver jobs have been and will be the most popular job in any city of the world.

The taxi driver jobs in Dubai have various advantages, one of which include that the job remains unaffected by the recession, and another that there is regular flow of income. Being in the profession of taxi or cab driving, the person can earn a stable and substantial income as the demand for cabs is always consistent. To be a taxi driver, you need to be committed and dedicated to the job. Having a complete idea of all the main spots of the city is always required for taxi driver jobs in Dubai. Make sure that you know the ways to museums, parks, schools, hospitals, university and other relevant landmarks.

School bus driver jobs

The job of school bus driver is very challenging as you need to be responsible for the lives of kids. Working as a school bus driver is sometimes stressful as children can often be noisy and disruptive, where the driver has to deal with behavior problems, heavy traffic, and concerns to reach destinations timely. A school bus driver needs to transfer students from homes to school and vice versa. Similarly, school bus drivers need to take the students to field trips and other school functions.

To find a job of driving a school bus, a person must complete an application for employment with a school district that is intended for school bus drivers. Being selected for a job as a school bus driver, an applicant must hold a high school diploma and must possess a CDL with passenger endorsement. Those wishing to work as a school bus driver need to undergo a criminal background check. With increasing industry and businesses, the increasing numbers of driver jobs in Dubai are also coming up. The newly hired drivers receive training to become an expert at driving vehicles. They learn to make money, drive through narrow streets, and other typical maneuvers. Bus drivers learn the state and local regulations about driving buses. Drivers are often hired on hour basis, and if you need to have a regular income, get yourself hired by companies, and be a professional.

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