Dubai (UAE) 1:15,000 Street Map (Travel Reference Map)

“Dubai (UAE) 1:15,000 Street Map (Travel Reference Map)”

Explore the heart of Dubai with this meticulously detailed street map at a scale of 1:15,000, providing an in-depth look at central Dubai and the picturesque Al Sufouh/Jumeirah Beach area. This comprehensive map is an invaluable travel reference, offering not only a detailed overview of major streets and neighborhoods but also featuring additional key elements for a more enriched exploration experience.

Key Features:

  • Scale: The map is thoughtfully scaled at 1:15,000, ensuring precision and clarity for navigating the bustling streets of central Dubai and the scenic Al Sufouh/Jumeirah Beach.
  • Inset with Light Metro System: Gain insight into Dubai’s efficient Light Metro system with a dedicated inset, providing details on metro lines and stations for seamless navigation.
  • Overview Map of Major Coastal Projects: Explore the grandeur of Dubai’s major coastal projects through a comprehensive overview map, offering a glimpse into the city’s ambitious and awe-inspiring developments along the coastline.
  • Name Index: A convenient name index is included, allowing quick and easy reference to major streets and neighborhoods, ensuring you stay oriented as you traverse the city.

List Price: $4.95

Embark on your Dubai journey equipped with the Dubai (UAE) 1:15,000 Street Map, your essential guide to navigating the vibrant streets and coastal wonders of this dynamic city.

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