Burqalicious: The Dubai Diaries: A True Story of Sun, Sand, Sex, and Secrecy

“Burqalicious: The Dubai Diaries: A True Story of Sun, Sand, Sex, and Secrecy”

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As a sassy young woman accustomed to navigating the vibrant nightlife of London through drinking, partying, blogging, and shopping, the irresistible allure of a glamorous, tax-free career in sunny Dubai could not be ignored. Over the course of two years, the pages of this intriguing memoir unfold a captivating narrative of one woman’s journey into the heart of Dubai’s extravagant lifestyle.

In “Burqalicious,” the author shares the highs and lows, the glitz and glamour, and the hidden challenges behind the shimmering façade of Dubai. From the bustling souks to the opulent skyscrapers, readers are invited into a world of contrasts, exploring the complexities of culture, love, and personal growth against the backdrop of this cosmopolitan desert oasis.

This true story unravels the secrets, passions, and taboos of a city where luxury and tradition coexist in a delicate dance. As the author immerses herself in the exotic landscapes and dynamic social scenes, readers are taken on a journey that goes beyond the stereotypes, revealing the real Dubai—a city of sun, sand, sex, and secrecy. “Burqalicious” is a candid and captivating exploration of self-discovery in a city that is both alluring and enigmatic.

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